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WWTP to Perform Dye Testing

Post Date:September 12, 2018 1:12 pm

The City of Grand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) will be performing dye testing beginning Sept. 17 until Sept. 28.  The dye test is being performed in order to better understand flows at the wastewater treatment plant.  The dye will be released into the Grand Island utility ditch which then discharges to the Wood River. The Wood River then discharges to the Middle Platte River. The dye test may result in these parts of the river carrying a reddish hue during certain times of day while testing is underway. The dye is completely not harmful and the testing method has been reviewed and approved by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

Flow at the WWTP begins as raw wastewater or influent and is discharged as treated effluent.  The red dye being used is called Rhodamine.  About 1 part per billion of Rhodamine is the anticipated concentration that will be temporarily discharged into the Grand Island WWTP effluent.  Dye testing is being conducted in order to analyze flows within the piping network at the WWTP. 

If you have any question regarding this dye test, please contact Dong Hyun Chon, at (308)-385-5430 or