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The Grand Island Community Youth Council (also known as the CYC) is an organization made up of select sophomores, juniors, and seniors from the four Grand Island high schools and 10 adult members. Wendy Meyer is the coordinator of the group. The group meets throughout the year, even in the summer. The CYC does many things in our community, varying from attending City Council meetings to putting on events for the public and participating in service projects. Committees are formed to plan and promote each project.

The CYC is responsible for many events and projects throughout the year.

Being a CYC member is a major responsibility, there is even a Code of Ethics in place that each member must sign and abide by. The entire group has monthly meetings during which updates about the past month's City Council meetings are given, the various committees give updates about what they're doing and planning, upcoming events are discussed, and any other general business that the whole group needs to hear about. The separate committees then have their own meetings. These are usually every-other week, but can meet more or less depending on how much needs to be done. Most CYC members are on two committees, but some are on three. The committees are co-chaired by two CYC members.

CYC members also have to complete 50 total hours of service to the group each year. This may sound like a lot, but it really isn't; most CYC members have this met by halfway through the year. Members earn hours from meetings, attending City Council meetings, helping with events, or doing intern hours at City Hall.