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Landis+Gyr Technology, Inc. Community Redevelopment Authority
The following is a list of contracts/agreements for the City of Grand Island approved by the City Council.
Dept. Contractor



Utilities ABB, Inc. 03/13/18 Transmission Circuit Breaker Inspection Services
PW Blessing Construction 02/27/18 13th St Paving Improve. #2018-P-1 & 13th St Street Water Main Improve. #2018-W-5
PW Consolidated Concrete 01/23/18 Concrete Ready-Mix for 2018
PW Diamond Engineering Company 01/23/18 Concrete Pavement & Storm Sewer Repairs 2018
PW Diamond Engineering Company 01/23/18 Sanitary Sewer Extension Project No. 2017-S-3 & Sanitary Sewer Dist. 540T
Utilities ERMCO, Inc. c/o Cahoon Sales, Inc. 01/09/18 Distribution Transformers
PW Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig 02/13/18 Stormwater Management Post Construction BMP Master Plan
PW Galvan Construction, Inc. 01/23/18 Curb Ramp Project No. 2018-CR-1
PW Gary Smith Construction Co. 01/23/18 Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2018
PW  Gary Smith Construction Co. 03/13/18 Asphalt Maintenance Project No. 2018-AC-1
Utilities General Electric International, Inc. 02/27/18 Gas Turbine #3 Modified Hot Gas Path Inspection
PW Gerhold Concrete Company, Inc. 01/23/18 Concrete Ready-Mix for 2018
Utilities Graybar Electric Co. 01/09/18 Distribution Transformers
PW J.I.L. Asphalt Paving Company 01/23/18  Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2018
PW Olsson Associates 01/23/18 Amendment No. 2 - Sanitary Sewer Extension Project 2017-S-3
PW Straight-Line Striping, Inc. 03/13/18  Annual Pavement Markings 2017 (2018 Contract Renewal)
Utilities Van Kirk Bros. Contracting 02.13.18 Water Main District 471T
Utilities Van Kirk Bros. Contracting 02/13/18 Water Main Project 2018-W-3
Utilities Wesco Distribution, Inc.. 01/09/18 Power & Concentric Neutral Cable