Information Technology

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The Information Technology Division of the Finance Department is responsible for maintaining an IBM AS/400 mainframe and the City’s Network. The network consists of computer services of an on-line system, as well as batch processing on the AS/400 for the utilities billing, payroll, accounting, financial systems, special assessments, ambulance billing, utility collection and other systems. This also includes administration of the city network that gives city employees many capabilities with the utilization of many software programs such as internet access, intranet access, e-mail, fax capabilities, word processing, spread sheets, power point presentations, and many others. The division is also responsible for the installation of new equipment and software for the AS/400 and City Network.

A major portion of the Information Technology staff time is dedicated to batch processing and programming on the AS/400 for the Utilities billing, payroll, accounting reports, special assessments, ambulance billing, utility collection and other systems. Ordering of special forms, bursting and decollating forms, revising and maintenance of programs. Program development consists of analyzing user requirements for new programs, designing, testing and implementing programs for the AS/400. There also is a substantial amount of time spent on keeping the city’s network up to date due to the rapid growth that technology has taken in the area of hardware and software. The division provides support to all users of the AS/400 and city network and provides proper backups, security, virus protection.


Information Technology

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