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Welcome to the Grand Island Fire Department web site. We are glad that you found us and hope you find our site informative.

We have been proudly serving the citizens of Grand Island since 1874. The department has been staffed on a 24/7 basis since 1921. The department continues to provide the professional delivery of emergency services through 63 line personnel, 5 administrative chiefs, and one administrative assistant.

The Grand Island Fire Department was one of the first fire departments in the state to adopt the paramedic concept. The first Grand Island Fire paramedics were placed in service in 1980. The department remains a leader in paramedic response through the utilization of four front-line first response paramedic engine companies and three front-line paramedic transport ambulances.

The department is also very capable in other emergency response aspects. We are a regional hazardous materials response asset for the State of Nebraska. We are also very well versed in technical rescue and have the knowledge and equipment cache necessary to effectively respond to the large variety of technical rescue incidents.

We achieve a very high standard of response capabilities through effective training. Department members sharpen their knowledge and skills by training at training institutions like: the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland, the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, Alabama, the Nevada Test Site in Mercury, Nevada, the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Edgewood, Maryland, the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, and others throughout our nation.

The department members don’t always have to travel to obtain quality knowledge and skills from world class instructors. We bring the world class fire and emergency service instructors to us. Recently, Reed Thorne of Ropes that Rescue, Dave Dodsen (The Art of Reading Smoke), and John Tew of FDNY, came to Grand Island and taught a variety of courses to Grand Island Fire Department members.

The safety of department personnel always comes first. This safety first attitude is clearly displayed through our members personal protective equipment. Every department member responding to a working fire does so in state of the art bunker gear and breathing apparatus. Every department member is also issued a portable radio to insure emergency messages get through during emergency scene operations. All of this personal protective equipment is new within the last two years and meets or exceeds all applicable NFPA standards.

We insure the good health of our members through annual wellness exams, exercise equipment, preventative vaccinations, and provide peer fitness trainers to assist them in developing a good cardio, strengthening, and flexibility work out regiment.

We keep our community safe through aggressive prevention and public education efforts. We attempt to conduct fire inspections of every business at least once every three years and attempt to inspect target hazard occupancies at least once per year. We also provide fire safety education classes to many businesses throughout our community. We allot three weeks every October to visit all public and private elementary schools in Grand Island to deliver a fire safety message.

As you can see, the Grand Island Fire Department is an agency that cares about its people and the community. If you are interested in becoming a member of this first class agency, access the Human Resources tab on this web site and they will gladly provide you with the necessary application information.