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Testing Process

The City of Grand Island conducts annual testing for entry level positions of Firefighter/EMT and Firefighter/Paramedic within the Grand Island Fire Department.   Interested individuals are encouraged to complete the Job Notification to be advised when the application process is open for these positions.                                         


Testing Requirements 

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a minimum of a high school education or equivalent.  Applicants must be able to read and write the English language and be tobacco free upon hire and remain tobacco free as a condition of employment.

If applying for Firefighter/EMT:

By date of hire, possession of, or ability to obtain and maintain, a State of Nebraska Emergency Medical Technician license throughout duration of employment, is required.

By date of hire, possession of, or the ability to obtain and maintain a National Registry Emergency Medical Technician certification throughout duration of employment, is required.

If applying for Firefighter/Paramedic:  

By date of hire, possession of, or the ability to obtain and maintain, a National Registry Paramedic certificate throughout duration of employment, is required.

By date of hire, possession of, or the ability to obtain and maintain, a State of Nebraska Paramedic license throughout duration of employment, is required.

Application Process

1. Applicant must complete the on-line application form.

2. Applicant must furnish:

i) a copy of his/her birth certificate

ii) a copy of his/her high school diploma or GED

iii) a copy of military discharge papers (DD214 - Member 4) if applicant has served in a time of war or in any expedition of the Armed Forces of the United States and has been honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States, including the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.

iv) a copy of appropriate or applicable National Registry and State of Nebraska certification.

v) a Certificate of Wellness form signed by the applicant's medical physician indicating the applicant's medical wellness to perform the physical tasks related to the testing process.  The  Certificate of Wellness form must be turned in by the application deadline or applicants will not be eligible to test.


Examination Process 

1.  Applicants must pass a physical ability/agility test.  The physical ability/agility test consists of simulated events that resemble the actions a firefighter may encounter.  Successful completion of the Physical Agility/Ability Test is no more than 10 minutes 20 seconds.  In addition to completing the physical agility course, applicants must complete an aerial climb.  The aerial climb is not a timed event.  Applicants must pass all segments of the physical fitness/agility test to advance to the next step in the process. 

The Candidate Preparation Guide outlines exercises and stretches that will help applicants prepare for the physical agility/ability test.      

2. Pass a standardized written exam(s) with a score of 70.00% or higher.

3. Pass an oral interview - qualifications for oral interviews shall be determined by the City.

4. The final score is determined by the composite score of the written exam(s) and the oral interviews which must be at least a 70.00% or better. 

Selection Process 

1. After the examination process is complete, the Civil Service Commission will meet to establish an eligibility list. The eligibility list is a ranking of candidates from high to low based upon a composite score. 

2. Applicants on the eligibility list must successfully pass a background check, including fingerprinting.

3. Applicants will be certified by the Civil Service Commission for employment consideration as vacancies occur. Appointments will be made from the list of certified candidates. Certified candidates not appointed will remain on the eligibility list until the expiration of the list. The eligibility list expires after one year.

4. A conditional offer of employment will be extended, subject to the satisfactory completion of a drug screen, pre-hire physical examination by a medical doctor and a registered physical therapist and a hearing examination. Examinations are paid for by the City.

5. Candidates must possess/obtain and maintain a valid Nebraska Operator's License.