Street Sweeping

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Street Sweeping Area Map

Street sweeping is considered a Right-of-Way maintenance.  City-wide street sweeping is performed in the spring and fall with four sweepers. During the summer months sweeping is accomplished with one sweeper/operator.  The sweepers covered approximately 2,500 miles and brought in 3,500 cubic yards of material in 2016.

The downtown area will be swept more often depending on the special events to take place that season.  The Streets Division will sweep the downtown area prior to events such as the Harvest of Harmony Parade, Downtown Christmas (weather permitting), and car shows.

This function could be considered part of the drainage program.  When debris is left unswept on the roadways it will eventually enter the storm sewer and has the potential to slow or block drainage of the streets.  Sweeping is our front-line preventive measure for maintaining the City’s storm sewer infrastructure and stormwater pollution.