Commission Members

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Hall County Appointees
Name Appointed
Judd Allan   01/10/2017
Leonard Rainforth 12/15/2015
Greg Robb 10/31/2014
Pat O'Neill, Chairperson 09/11/2001
Grand Island Appointees
Tony Randone 6/27/2017
Derek Apfel    10/27/2015
Dean Sears 10/14/2014
Hector Rubio 12/27/2016
Alda Appointee
Leslie Ruge, Secretary 07/11/1990
Cairo Appointee
Jaye Monter, Vice Chairperson    09/15/2015
Doniphan Appointee
Carla Maurer 11/10/2014
Wood River Appointee
Dean Kjar 03/25/2014
Commission Staff
Planning Director - Chad Nabity
Planning Technician - Edwin Maslonka
Planning Admin. Asst. - Tracy Gartner


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