Elevated Water Storage Tank

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August 31, 2017

Progress report:

A new elevated water storage tank is being constructed to provide additional water during peak demand periods and to maintain water pressure if power is lost to the pumping stations.  Today, the water pressure is maintained by three pumping stations.  Each station is supplied from two electrical power sources providing a reliable source of water.

The new elevated water storage project is located on Engleman Road, just south of Old Potash Road.  Construction is progressing with a large concrete pour of 540 yards completed on Thursday, August 31, 2017.  The concrete required 49 trucks continuously pouring concrete.    There were five workers from the contractor, Landmark Structures, and an additional ten local concrete finishers from L&L Concrete completed the pour.  The foundation will support over 22 million pounds of structure and water.   The foundation is supported by 226 geopiers (compacted aggregate 26 feet deep) supporting 6,000 pounds per square foot.

Over the next few months, watch for the pedestal to be constructed.  This 47-foot diameter, 95-foot tall, concrete structure supports the two million gallon water tank.

Elevated Water Storage Tank Elevated Water Storage TankElevated Water Storage TankElevated Water Storage Tank