Miscellaneous Information

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Manufacturer of Turbine/Generator General Electric
Maximum Generating Capacity 100 megawatts
Name Plate Rating of Generator 122,000 KVA
Manufacturer of Steam Generator (Boiler) Combustion Engineering
Maximum Rated Flow 765,000 lbs./hr. at 1,800 psi and 1,000° F.
Precipitator Manufacturer Western Precipitator, Efficiency 99.6%
Manufacturer of Ash Handling System United Conveyor Corp.
Coal Handling Manufacturer Midwest Conveyor Co.
Coal System Capacity 600 tons/hour
Average Coal Use per Day 925 tons
Coal Used to generate one kilowatt (1000 watts) hour 12.8 oz. coal per kilowatt
Average coal used per GIUD customer per day  (1ncluding industrial and residential users) 84 pounds