PGS AQCS Project

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Platte Station

PGS AQCS Project – Grand Island Utilities invested into our coal generation plant, Platte Generating Station, after the MATS (Mercury Air Toxics Standards) was enacted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  A competitive bid was let to determine the most economical system to be installed based on a 20-life cycle cost.  The type of system installed includes a powder activated carbon (PAC) injection system to remove mercury and a spray dry absorber system to remove sulfur dioxide and acid gases from the flue gas stream.  As  part of this project, a baghouse was installed to remove particulate matter, and collect the lime ash and powder activated carbon from the scrubbing process.  This project, along with the low NOx burner project installed in 2014, make Platte Generating Station in full compliance with the Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CASPR) and the Mercury Air Toxic Standards (MATS).  Grand Island Utilities personnel continue to work to provide the lowest cost power to our customers and meet the regulations set by the EPA.