Problem Resolution Team

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The Problem Resolution Team addresses problem properties that have the attention of two or more city departments — police, building, fire, — that are creating a nuisance in the neighborhood. 

Members include representatives from the City Council, City Administration, Building Department, Fire Department, Legal Department, Regional Planning, Police Department, Hall County Sheriff’s Department, Central District Health Department, and Clean Community System.  They meet on the third Tuesday of the month.

Problem Resolution Team Goal – Resolve problems by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of addressing targeting properties that do not meet the community standard. 

Problem Resolution Team Mission – Address situations of immediate concern, as well as long term recurring problems, targeting properties and situations that need a multi-resource approach. 

The City currently has nine properties on the Problem Resolution Team list.  They are: 

  • 611 W 11th Street
  • 582 E 19th Street
  • 803 & 809 W 3rd Street
  • 156 Beck Road
  • 404 W Stolley Park Rd
  • 1508 E 8th Street
  • 2216 W Louise St
  • 1816 W 11th Avenue

Watch Properties

  • 1304 E 7th St
  • 414 N Oak St
  • 313 S Kimball Ave
  • 308 W 11th St
  • 816 S Sycamore
  • 804 N Broadwell Ave
  • 207 W 13th St
  • 220 S Vine St


Some of the properties have been sold to new owners with renovations beginning, and some are still under negotiations with city officials to make needed changes.