Business Readiness

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Why Should My Business Be Ready?
Hall County businesses are the backbone of our community.  Private sector organizations and businesses provide goods, services, and jobs necessary for a growing and vibrant society.  Small businesses, in particular, play a key role.  Nationwide, small businesses make up over 99% of the private sector, employing 50% of all workers, and providing 45% of the nation's payroll.

Did You Know?  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimates that 1 in 4 businesses experiencing a disaster never reopen for business. 

The Hall County-Grand Island Emergency Management Department encourages every business to incorporate continuity and crisis planning into their business model.  Most simple preparedness and planning steps cost relatively little or nothing, yet can provide a significant benefit to your business.

Business Recovery is Community Recovery
After any disaster, business recovery is inextricably linked to the recovery of our community as a whole.  As businesses reopen their doors, their employees return to work, goods and services resume their flow, and communities are able to return to a new "normal." Without business recovery,  progress throughout the community is held to a standstill.

Local Partners and Resources to Help
Local emergency managers in South Central Nebraska have teamed up with the South Central Economic Development District (SCEDD) to develop and deliver a disaster planning and recovery program specially designed to assist private sector organizations.  Our goal: To strengthen businesses in their efforts to "bounce back" following a disaster.  The SCEDD Disaster Recovery team, working with local emergency managers, can help you along your crisis planning process.  For more information, contact:

Sharon Hueftle
South Central Economic Development District
308-995-3190 or

How Ready Are You?

To assess the level of preparedness among local businesses, take this simple Ready Rating from the American Red Cross.  Information from this survey will help you identify trends, common needs, and an effective way to deliver this business recovery program.

Preparing for disasters is good business.  Get ready today.