*  Message from the Mayor  *

Residents of Grand Island:

People are asking me for locations in the city where coronavirus may be present.  On March 28, 2020, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services determined that we have confirmed cases of community spread of coronavirus in the city.  This means that we must assume that coronavirus is everywhere.  Please take extra precautions using this assumption.   Please keep at least 6 feet of space between you and other people, wash your hands regularly, and do not touch your face. 

Mayor Roger G. Steele

Action Photos

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Grand Island Fire Department, 1921

Fire DepartmentGrand Island Firemen pose in front of the old City Hall Fire Station (200 block of N. Pine Street). The fire truck at left was the first motor-driven vehicle used by the Grand Island Fire Department. It was purchased in 1913 from the Anderson Coupling and Fire Supply Company for $4,150. The chemical-hose truck had a six-cylinder, 75-horsepower, water-cooled engine. The truck at right is a Stutz purchased in 1921. Note that both trucks have right-sided steering. Steering wheels were traditionally on the right side of early fire trucks. This afforded the driver a better view of the fire hydrant he was headed for.


Rescue Accident





Ron's Transmission 3rd St fire 7-2014






Capital Burn 1-15b





Ice rescue trn 2014


Fire Hangar









Tuesday May 14th, 2002. 

Three alarm fire consumes Great Lakes Aviation Maintenance hangar at Central Nebraska Regional Airport.

Fire Hangar








 Tuesday May 14th, 2002.

The fire destroyed 2 Great Lakes Ratheon/Beech 1900D 19 passenger planes inside the hangar valued at 8 million dollars.

Fire Hangar









 Tuesday May 14th, 2002.

Fourteen Grand Island Fire Department firefighters responded as well as 19 firefighters from the Grand Island Rural Fire Department.

Fire Laundromat








Wednesday December 11th, 2002.

Three alarm fire damages Saul's Laundry and two apartments at 202 E 4th Street,

Fire House








Thursday December 11th, 2003.

Five alarm fires damages house at 2021 W Charles St.