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Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provide guidelines and regulations for child care.  See the DHHS link for licensing.

DHHS licenses two home child care options: 

Home Day Care I

This day care provision is for up to 10 children, however the numbers of children, ages, etc. are spelled out in DHHS regulations.  Grand Island honors these regulations and numbers in order to stay consistent with the State Fire Marshal's and DHHS.  In Grand Island, you are not permitted to provide child care without a State License.  And you are not allowed a State license until your home has passed a life safety inspection.

Home Day Care II

Home Day Care II provisions of the DHHS are in violation of the home business laws and are therefore not allowed in Grand Island.  The services are considered to be Day Care Center services and would be required to meet commercial IBC standards as well as meet the city zoning regulations for Day Care Centers. The main violations are:

* Business owner must live in the home.  DHHS regulations do not require this.

* Business owners cannot hire outside help.  DHHS regulations do not prohibit this.

* 12 children exceed the number of children allowed by the International Fire and Building Code (Building Code adopted by State Legislation, Fire Code adopted by City) for home day care. 

Day Care Center

              Is required to meet the city zoning laws and IBC Institutional building standards.    

Frequently Asked Questions?

              Do I need a permit for a day care?  

In Nebraska, anyone who provides child care to four or more children from different families must be licensed as a child care provider.  The city of Grand Island requires that you pass a life safety inspection and are licensed by the State. 

 Can I convert my house to a day care center?

If your house is zoned correctly and you can make the changes needed (sprinkler system, alarm system, commercial hood system, rewiring of electrical systems, etc), then yes you could convert your house.

If my house already has egress windows from the basement, can I use my basement for home day care?

Basements are required to have two means of escape.  The primary means is a door.  The secondary means can be an emergency egress window.  An  egress window or numerous windows do not meet the requirement of a primary means.  You may not use your basement if a primary means of escape is not provided.  One could be installed however. 

 If I have questions about Grand Island rules for Day Care, who should I call?

Call 308-389-0228  Fire Marshal