*  Message from the Mayor  *

Residents of Grand Island:

People are asking me for locations in the city where coronavirus may be present.  On March 28, 2020, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services determined that we have confirmed cases of community spread of coronavirus in the city.  This means that we must assume that coronavirus is everywhere.  Please take extra precautions using this assumption.   Please keep at least 6 feet of space between you and other people, wash your hands regularly, and do not touch your face. 

Mayor Roger G. Steele


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Thank you for your interest in the Grand Island Fire Department.

In 2018 the GIFD responded to over 5300 incidents.  Approximately 4300 of these emergencies were medical in nature.  Grand Island continues to grow and so do the demands on the fire department. 

As one of the largest department in our area, we have the opportunity to respond to a variety of emergencies.  GIFD is considered an "all hazards" fire department.  Being all hazards means we respond to a variety of calls and are expected to do so with skill and professionalism. 

GIFD was one of the first departments in the state to offer paramedic staffed ambulances.  Since 2003, all of our engine companies have been staffed with at least one paramedic and two EMTs. 

Our employees are committed to delivering the highest level of service and believe in creating the safest community possible for our citizens and visitors.  The fire department focuses on preventing hazards and reducing risk by practicing community risk reduction, public education, and code enforcement. 

Today, GIFD continues to be a leader in providing the best service possible to the citizens in and around Grand Island.  If you want a rewarding career that involves helping people, becoming a member of the GIFD may be for you.