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Stagecoach Detention Cell Improvement; Project No. 2013-D-1

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The Stagecoach detention cell project in southwest Grand Island was designed in order to improve the condition of the existing cell.  Survey information from the area was gathered to design a solution to the situation.  It was found that the interior of the cell was lower in elevation than the outlet, or pump station, which drains the cell.  This often times led to standing water making the cell unmaintainable, resulting in heavy vegetation. 

Several options were looked at, but it was decided that the most economical and maintainable design was to fill in the lower portion of the cell and install a new low flow liner from the inlet to the outlet.  This concrete liner allows for low flows to run down this liner and keep the rest of the area dry.  It is easily cleaned with a small loader.  The rest of the cell was sloped to this liner so water can drain to it and will be maintainable most of the time.  The bottom of the cell may still be affected by groundwater in wet times, but not as much since the bottom of the cell was raised a 1 foot in the middle and 1.5 feet on the outer edges.

Hooker Brothers Construction Co. of Grand Island, Nebraska was awarded the $112,544.70 contract on July 9, 2013 & completed the work on September 13, 2013 for a total cost of $112,544.70.