Stuhr Road Concrete Overlay

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Bismark Road to BNSF Railroad

Project Description
Stuhr Road from Bismark Road to Swift Road is an arterial roadway consisting of 24’ wide asphalt and 2’ wide turf shoulders. Recent traffic counts performed by Engineering Division staff recorded volumes exceeding 3800 vehicles per day, with 23% heavy trucks. This section of roadway was resurfaced in 2008 and is exhibiting excessive rutting and other distresses due to heavy traffic loads and deterioration occurring in the lower levels of the existing pavement. Significant rutting is occurring near the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSFRR) crossing south of Swift Road due to frequent braking and accelerating of heavy trucks.

Streets and Engineering Division staff contracted with Olsson Associates to perform geotechnical investigation of subsurface soil conditions and analyze options for resurfacing or reconstructing the roadway, predict anticipated design life, and prepare costs opinions.  Engineering Division staff directed Olsson Associates to research additional options to remove a portion of the existing roadway by milling and overlaying with concrete pavement. It was determined that the most cost effective alternative with the best anticipated service life is to remove 5” of existing roadway by milling, leaving approximately 7” of existing roadway to serve as a base, and to overlay with 8” doweled concrete pavement.

The roadway was widened to 28’ with 5’ wide turf shoulders and flatter side slopes in order to meet current minimum design standards as specified by the Board of Public Roads Classification and Standards. The project begins immediately north of the Bismark Road intersection, and ends approximately 80’ north of the BNSFRR crossing.

Plans and Specifications for constructing the concrete overlay were developed by Engineering Division staff. 

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The construction contract was awarded to Gehring Construction of Columbus, Nebraska on October 22, 2013 in the amount of $362,958.51.