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Annual Resurfacing Project; 2017-AC-1

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The 2017 Annual Resurfacing Project construction contract is set for council review at the February 28th, 2017 meeting.

Roadway sections to be improved are;

Section 1A.  Capital Avenue from Locust Street to Sky Park Road

Section 1B.  North Road from Husker Hwy. to Stolley Park Road

Section 1C.  Wildwood Drive from US Highway 281 to Locust St.

Section 1D.  Shady Bend Road from BNSF Railroad to Gregory Avenue


The project was completed in accordance with the terms, conditions and stipulations of the contract, plans and specifications.  Construction was completed at a total cost of $965,750.49, resulting in an underrun of $41,558.10.  The project underrun was due to the contractor’s efficient operation resulting in a reduction in traffic control.  Also, the amount of performance grade binder used on the project was under the estimated quantity added in Change Order No. 1.

 Additional project costs (detailed below) totaled $10,069.43 for a final project cost of $975,819.92.