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Lift Station No. 20 Upgrade and and Force Main Rehabilitation & Lift Station No. 14 Abandonment; Project No. 2017-S-1

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The existing lift station and force main were installed in 1978.  Due to poor pipe condition it was in need of replacement and or repair.  The force main experienced multiple breaks within the past several years. The capacity of the existing lift station was upgraded in order to accommodate for future growth and development as well.  The existing lift station pumps were changed to utilize variable frequency drives in order to increase efficiency and energy savings.  The existing force main had several leaks in the segment between the existing lift station and US Highway 281.  This project constructed a new submersible lift station with build out capability and a new 16-inch force main from the lift station to just east of US Highway 281.  This project was approved for State Revolving Funds (SRF).

On March 28, 2017 City Council awarded Project 2017-S-1 to The Diamond Engineering Company of Grand Island, Nebraska in an amount of $2,306,455.27.

On September 10, 2019 City Council approved a Certificate of Final Completion for Lift Station No. 20 Upgrade and Force Main Rehabilitation & Lift Station No. 14 Abandonment; Project No. 2017-S-1 with The Diamond Engineering Company in the amount of $2,436,428.55, and additional project expenses of $480,370.33; resulting in a total project cost of $2,916,798.88.


Bypass pumping is underway in order to make final connections.  The new hospital can be seen in the background.  2018-08-24


The old wet well at Lift Station 20 is being rehabilitated into a manhole. 2018-08-24


The connection of the new to the existing force main.  Testing and start-up of the new lift station will be occurring in the near future.    2018-06-15

 2018-06-15 (3)

The new PVC force main connection point to the existing ductile iron force main. 2018-06-15


     Jib Crane assembly at the new lift station 20  2018-06-15

 2018-06-15 (2)

Diamond Engineering is working to install brackets for the Influent Grinding System.

Installing brackets

 Passive Odor Control System in place at the new lift station.

Passive Odor Control System



Below: Working to install Lift Station piping, valves and magmeter.

LS 20


The new pump station and force main project near Husker Highway and 281 is 60% complete.  Diamond Engineering Company has continue to make progress on the wet well and valve pit through the winter months.-February 2018








Lift station #20 force main dumps into this manhole, which had to be removed due to severe corrosion.  A new, larger, concrete manhole that is specially mad to protect against corrosive hydrogen sulfide gasses that arise within turbulent sewage environments.

Existing MH75 Removed Section

 View West_Installed East Sewer With Concrete Collars


Photos below are showing progress being made at L.S. #20

Progress at LS# 20 (2)

Progress at LS# 20

Photos 1 & 2 below:

With high ground water and wet weather the LS 20 Project is underway with wet well construction.  There are 6 dewatering wells and 2 sump pumps running in order to keep the water out of this 40 feet deep excavation. 

 First Pour Wet Well


Air Release

Photo:  Diamond Engineering installing secondary shoring for the Lift Station 20 Upgrade project.

Diamond Engineering installing secondary shoring for the LS 20 Upgrade Project (2)


Photo:  Lift Station 20 Project

Diamond Engineering installing secondary shoring for LS 20 Upgrade Project