North Road - 13th Street to Highway 2 Roadway Improvements; Projects No. 2019-P-5

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The North Road- 13th Street to Highway 2 Roadway Improvements; Project No. 2019-P-5 is for the improvement of North Road from just north of 13th Street to Highway 2.  The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department is proposing a concrete curb and gutter roadway section with associated sidewalk, traffic control, drainage and all other related improvements needed to complete the project.

On March 12, 2019 Grand Island City Council approved an agreement with JEO Consulting Group for services consisting of a detailed topographic survey, geotechnical analysis, and traffic operations study of the corridor to allow for proper cost estimation.  Such services will be provided on a time and expense basis not to exceed $676,820.00.  

North Road-Phase 1 Aerial Exhibit

North Road-Phase 2 Aerial Exhibit

North Road 13th to Hwy 2-Comment Form

North Road 13th to Hwy 2 -Information Sheet (English)

North Road 13th to Hwy2 -Information Sheet (Spanish)

Phase 1 Closure Notice - Spring 2020 FINAL