Old Potash Highway; North Road to Webb Road; Project No. 2019-P-1

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This project will establish a master plan for the Old Potash Highway corridor from approximately North Road to Webb Road, including intersections to the north and south of Old Potash Highway.  The interaction between the various traffic features is complex, making it necessary to create an overall master plan to ensure that the individual projects will function together and address other safety issues in these areas.  It is anticipated that this plan will include widening and reconfiguring Old Potash Highway, signal and geometric improvements at each intersection, access management throughout the corridor, and probably improvements to the north and south of the Old Potash Highway corridor.  Improvements are needed to allow the corridor to safely handle the ever increasing traffic in this area.

On October 10, 2017, via Resolution No. 2017-280, City Council approved an engineering services agreement with Olsson, Inc. of Grand Island, Nebraska on a time and expense basis not to exceed $249,963.26. 

With the completion of the study City Council, via Resolution No. 2018-335, has approved moving forward with final engineering design for the first phase of the overall construction project.  Phase I will involve roadway and intersection improvements along the Old Potash Highway corridor from Webb Road to North Road.  An amendment to the original agreement with Olsson, Inc. was approvedon November 20, 2018, in the amount of $733,500.00, combined with the unused portion of the original contract the revised agreement amount is $916,463.26 

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