Signal Timing Optimization Project

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US Highway 281 Corridor & Webb Road Corridor

The City of Grand Island will be working on updating and optimizing the signal timing plans for two major corridors; Highway 281 and Webb Rd, between Capital Ave and Highway 30.

Traffic engineering services for this project were awarded to Iteris on January 22, 2019, via Resolution No. 2019-35, for an amount not to exceed $77,346.91.  These services include data collection, signal timing modeling, timing plan creation and implementation, and before/after analysis.

It is assumed that four optimized timing plans will be required including AM, Midday, PM, and Off-Peak time periods. Travel time runs will be conducted before and after implementation of the new signal timing to determine efficiency/benefit.  The goal for implementing the new timing plans is September 2019.


Schedule and Updates:

Week of April 8, 2019  - Traffic counts and turning movement counts, collected by Quality Counts, using data collection cameras along the Highway 281 and Webb Road corridor. 

April 2019 – Finish data collection and analysis to determine peak times along the each corridor.

May 2019 – Conduct before travel time runs; begin modeling new signal timing plans.

August 2019 – Implement new signal timing plans and conduct after travel time runs.