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Grand Island Mayor Roger Steele and Teresa Anderson, director of the Central District Health Department will not be presenting updates on local Covid-19 on Thursday, May 28, 2020. In the future we will send out notices in advance of broadcasts when they will be scheduled.


Upper Prairie/Silver/Moores Creek Flood Control Project (Northwest Flood Control)

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The City of Grand Island has a history of water related issues and much of the City is in the flood plain.  In 1995 the City approached the Central Platte Natural Resources District (CPNRD) to request assistance with this issue.  In 2005 the City and CPNRD entered into a partnership, with the CPNRD taking the lead and prioritizing funds for this project.

Dating back to February 19, 1982 the City of Grand Island, CPNRD and Hall County have partnered together for the purpose of outlining areas of responsibility and cooperation in developing and carrying out a flood control plan for the Prairie/Silver drainage areas located in Hall County, Nebraska.

This project was delayed two (2) years due to the Army Corp of Engineers concerns that some explosive may have been in the area.  Over the course of the project costs have increased more than expected primarily because of the increase in cost of earthwork.

The project has reached the ten (10) year, total City obligation of $3,607,500.00 with an estimated 3 years remaining for completion and an additional expenditure of approximately $2,929,800 from the City consisting of $2,763,800 representing the 21.79% of the overall cost and $166,000 for the Flood Study and Drainage Master Plan within the City of Grand Island.  Total City obligation would be $6,537,300.

Amendment No. 1 was approved by City Council on October 28, 2014 to allow continued support by the City on the flood control project for the Upper Prairie/Silver/Moores Creek. Such amendment will add an additional funding obligation to the City of $2,929,800, over an additional 4 year period.  Such project total is estimated at $29,000,000 with projected completion in 2019.