Storm Sewer Mapping

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From 2010 through 2016, a large portion of the storm water system was GPS surveyed and attributes information collected about each asset.  The goals of this project is to GPS survey and collect attribute information for newly constructed assets and assets that were not surveyed during the previous geospatial data collection efforts as well as to collect missing attribute information such as pipe diameter and material, manhole and inlet sizes and materials, top and bottom channel widths and channel depths.  The geospatial data collection effort will improve the accuracy and completeness of the digital storm water conveyance system features and attributes housed within the City’s enterprise geodatabase and integrated with the Cartegraph OMS asset management system.

On November 12, 2019, via Resolution No. 2019-333, City Council approved an agreement with JEO Consulting Group, Inc. of Wahoo, Nebraska to provide engineering services on a time and expense basis not to exceed $308,898.00.  Such services will collect accurate horizontal and vertical locations of Rim elevations for 517 storm inlets, 249 storm manholes, 449 sanitary sewer manholes, and 1,612 storm channel nodes.

Storm Water Geospatial Data Collection Exhibit