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Vehicle & Equipment Procurement

Nebraska Federal Surplus Property

"State Bid" (Nebraska State Purchasing Bureau) - To view the State of Nebraska Contracts click link and then go to State Contracts.  To search for specific key words use CNTRL + F and then type the keyword and ENTER.  Each contract awarded will have the vendors contact information, so specific questions regarding the items can be directed to them.  General questions can be sent to the State Buyer whose information is found by clicking Buyer Information from the page above.


Vehicle & Equipment Disposal

Equipment Disposal Guide - Basic guideline and decision tree for disposing of vehicles and equipment.  Specific questions or instances not addressed by the above guideline shall be directed to the City Purchasing Agent.  If link to fixed asset form does not work, click the link below.

Fixed Asset Form


FEMA Equipment Resources

Schedule of Equipment Rates

FEMA - Resource Definitions