*  Message from the Mayor  *

Residents of Grand Island:

People are asking me for locations in the city where coronavirus may be present.  On March 28, 2020, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services determined that we have confirmed cases of community spread of coronavirus in the city.  This means that we must assume that coronavirus is everywhere.  Please take extra precautions using this assumption.   Please keep at least 6 feet of space between you and other people, wash your hands regularly, and do not touch your face. 

Mayor Roger G. Steele

Metropolitan Planning Organization

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The Grand Island Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (GIAMPO) serves as the formal transportation planning body for the greater Grand Island, Nebraska metropolitan area.  In 2013 the Governor of Nebraska designated the GIAMPO as the official Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Grand Island Urbanized Area.  The GIAMPO is the first MPO designated by the State of Nebraska in over three (3) decades.  Federal law requires any Urbanized Area population exceeding 50,000 persons to create a MPO to carry out the multi-modal transportation planning for the metropolitan area.  The Grand Island Urbanized Area exceeded this population threshold in the 2010 Census.

The City of Grand Island's City Engineer/Public Works Director serves as the MPO Director.  The MPO staff is comprised of the MPO Program Manager, who reports to the City Engineer/Public Works Director, and receives support from others in the Public Works and Planning Departments. 

The GIAMPO Policy Board is the regional legislative body governing the MPO.  The City of Grand Island's Mayor serves as the Chair, and the MPO Director serves as Secretary.  The Vice-Chair is elected from the voting membership of the Policy Board.  The membership of this board is established by an agreement with the State of Nebraska.  

The GIAMPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a staff-level committee, which provides technical support and recommendations to the Policy Board.  The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected from the voting membership of the TAC.

The MPO Program Manager is responsible for researching and preparing all of the documents necessary for the MPO program, as well as assignments originating from both the Policy Board and TAC as directed by the MPO Director.


Andres Gomez

MPO Program Manager

Phone: 308-389-0273

100 E 1st Street, Grand Island, NE 68801

P.O. Box 1968, Grand Island, NE 68802-1968


Upcoming Events

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting, on Monday, April 13 from 10 to 11 AM at Grand Island City Hall  - Virtual Meeting. See video conference details in the agenda.

Public Notices

FY 2021-2025 Transportation Improvement Program (accepting comments through May 15, 2020)

FY 2021 Unified Planning Work Program (accepting comments through April 30, 2020)