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Phone: (308) 583-2466
19550 West Husker Hwy, Shelton, Nebraska 68876


Hours of Operation:        

Monday - Friday  -  7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.     

Saturday- 7:30a.m. - noon

The landfill is the disposal site that actually buries waste materials. It is located approximately 18 miles west of Grand Island near the Hall/Buffalo County line.

 All forms of payment, except cash, will be accepted at this time.

 Under normal conditions, this facility is open to the public, however loads that enter this site must be unloaded hydraulically. No manually unloaded vehicles are allowed at this site. All loads must be secure so nothing can fall out or blow out during transport.

The Solid Waste Fees lists the charges for the various types of material disposed.

For questions regarding disposal of special waste contact the solid waste division.