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Help Educate Our Community

Did you know that every city street is like waterfront property? It’s true. Just take a walk down your street. Before long, you will come to a storm drain. Any water that runs down this drain flows directly into our local waterways. It does not pass through the sanitary sewer system, and it does not receive any kind of treatment. This means that whatever we put down these storm drains winds up in the lakes and rivers where we go fishing, swimming, boating and camping.

People who would never dream of polluting a lake or river might pour antifreeze, fertilizer, paint, or used motor oil, or toss pet waste, cigarette butts, or litter down storm drains and not realize they are polluting waterways. Storm drain marking is a simple way to prevent this kind of pollution in your neighborhood. You can let your neighbors know that anything dumped in the street will end up in our waterways by marking the drains with the message “NO DUMPING – DRAINS TO RIVER”.

Organizing Your Teams

Before you start, obtain maps form the City on the area your group will cover. Divide the area into routes and assign a team to each route so no drains are missed. If you have a large area to cover, have someone do a “final check” to be sure all drains were marked. All marking needs to be coordinated through the Public Works Department.

Letting The Community Know

The public will be informed of when and where your group will be working through a news release and the newspaper. Any additional news coverage will assist in educating people about the importance of keeping the storm drains clean. You will also be provided with door hangers that will inform the neighborhood of what you are doing and how the project will help your community.

Applying Markers

Applying the markers is fun and easy. However, there are always a few good things to remember. Fair weather is essential for this project. The pavement must be dry and warm. A representative from the City will be able to show everyone the steps to properly apply the markers.

Marking Safety

During the marking project, your group will frequently be next to and crossing the streets. All traffic safety practices will need to be followed. In addition, the City Of Grand Island will provide all participants with safety vests and any other protective devices you may need. When working with children, an adult must be assigned to all groups.

Stormwater Awareness Survey

Questionnaires and Surveys allow the City a way to gauge the knowledge of the community and asses the needs for additional Public Education. Please click on the link below and answer 10 short questions regarding Stormwater and Stormwater Pollution.

 Stormwater Awareness Survey Link