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The City has owned and operated a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) since the 1930's. The original WWTP site was abandoned when the current WWTP became operable. The current WWTP was constructed in 1966 with major upgrades in 1980 and 1995. Other minor upgrades have also been completed.



1930s - Original Plant

Grand Island's original wastewater treatment plant site,

which was located at the intersection of Cherry and Sutherland.

Lincoln Highway runs along the top of the photo 


1930's WWTP

Original treatment plant


1966 - New WWTP Construction

A new plant was built at a location far from the City

The new plant included six main tanks, the solids handling building,

and the influent pump station.

Most of this construction remains as part of the currently operating plant.


1966 - New WWTP Dedication

Construction of the new WWTP was completed in 1966.


1980 - Major Expansion

Added waste activated sludge lagoon, aerobic digesters,

secondary clarifier, solids handling, chemical feed

and storage buildings (blue areas).

Added administration building.


1992 - Prior to Addition Upgrades

Shows site prior to upgrades in 1995.


1995 - Major Improvement

Added the aeration basin, chlorine contact basin, chlorination building,

centrifuges, many other miscellaneous improvements (blue areas).

Shows site prior to electrical improvements.


2002 - Electrical Improvements

Added new electrical building (blue area).



Shows that some major odor sources have been discontinued,

such as the sludge lagoon and the aerobic digesters (red areas).

Shows the new solids handling building and compost biofilter (blue areas).


Curent WWTP Site

The sludge lagoon and aerobic digesters have been

drained and are no longer in use.