Life Safety and Infrastructure Grant Program

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Life Safety and Infrastructure Grant Program

The creation of the Life Safety and Infrastructure Grant Program is to foster the development of upper story residential units in and near the downtown core. It is the goal of the Downtown Business Improvement district, downtown property owners, the Grand Island City Council and the Community Redevelopment Authority to develop 50 upper story residential units within this area over a 5-year period. 2018-19 fiscal year is expected to be the end date of this program.

The acquisition, site work and construction of all improvements will be paid for by the developer.  The developer is responsible for and will provide evidence that they can secure adequate debt financing to cover the costs associated with the acquisition, site work and remodeling. The CRA may grant funds as provided for in the CRA Annual Budget to developers of up to $20,000 per two plus bedroom unit and $15,000 per single bedroom unit developed on the an upper floor of a building for life safety improvements.  These funds may only be granted for new residential units within the Redevelopment Area. Grants made under this program are to be paid to the developer upon completion of the project and upon the developer showing evidence of such completion including certificates of occupancy, building inspection reports, approval of the fire marshal, paid invoices, lien waivers and evidence of actual costs.

Eligible properties:

Must be located within the area of influence

Area of Influence: Downtown Grand Island South of South Front Street, east of Eddy Street, west of Sycamore Street and north of Division and Court Streets.

Require installation of Life Safety Equipment or modification of the building for Life Safety requirements as determined by the adopted building or fire code:

These include but are not limited to:

  • Fire Sprinklers (and water lines/services to support sprinklers)
  • Additional Exits
  • Elevators
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Fire Separation Walls