C.W. Burdick Power Plant

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C.W. Burdick Station
The C.W. Burdick Station is named after Clarence W. Burdick, who was commissioner of the Grand Island Water, Light & Ice Department from October 6th, 1920 to November 30th, 1960. Mr. Burdick was a progressive yet conservative director of utilities that realized the importance of adequate and dependable supplies of electricity and water.

Burdick Station had three natural gas steam units which operated from 1956 to 2017.  Today, there are three natural gas combustion turbines with diesel fuel back up that are used for emergency and peaking power production.   One combustion turbine was installed in 1968 and the other two were installed in 2003.   The gas turbines were a valuable asset to Grand Island in 2006 when an ice storm came through.  Grand Island's power was restored quickly, while neighboring towns were without power for a week.

One of three pumping stations for the City water system is housed at Burdick Station.  Three pumps maintain city water pressure by pumping water from one of four, 3 million gallon water storage tanks to the water distribution system.  Operators at the Burdick Station monitor the City water system 24/7, even on holidays with the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.