Transmission & Distribution

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To supply water to the distribution system, three storage reservoirs and seven high pressure wells are used. The total storage of three reservoirs is 9,700,000 gallons. Each reservoir has it's own pressurizing station or pumping station with two high flow, high pressure pumps. The reservoirs are filled with well water supplied from the Utilities Department's Platte River Well field. Sixteen wells located at the wellfield supply water to a basin located at the well field. Four high capacity low pressure pumps then fill the reservoirs.

Water Statistics
Number of wells at well field 21
Number of high pressure wells within city 6
Average depth of wells 120 feet
Capacity of water plant 43,800,000 gallons/day
Average consumption 12,900,000 gallons/day
Peak consumption 26,300,000 gallons/day
Storage capacity 9,700,000 gallons/day
Hardness (ppm) 255 (average)
Treated Chlorinated only
Temperature range 40-60 F

To maintain this complex network of water lines, fire hydrants, valves and meters, and to supply connections for new customers the Grand Island Utilities Department employs dedicated and experienced people to keep the water flowing. Whenever there is a problem, and a Utilities Department customer loses their water service, someone is ready to repair the problem and restore service to you - in any kind of weather, any time of year, 24 hours a day! The Grand Island Utilities Department Water Division offices are located at 364 N. Pine. Entrance to the offices is now conveniently located off of Pine Street.