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 Late Charge (charged after the due date of the current bill) 2.00/plus 1% unpaid over 5.00
 Return Check Charge 50.00
 Turn on Charge (non payment) 50.00
 After 4:30 pm on a business day Turn on Charge (non payment)  
 Trip Fee - Disconnect personnel (Applicable when payment is made to stop disconnection when disconnect personnel are on site N/A
 Disconnect fee (for non-payment) 50.00
 Backflow Processing Fee 2.00/month
 Temporary Commercial Electric Service 150.00
 Service Charge (new connections, transfer service) 20.00
 Fire Sprinkler System Connection Fee 127.50/yr
 Temporary Water Meter on Fire Hydrant 100.00
 Locate Stop Box 40.00
 Pole Attachment Fee 6.00/yr
 Unauthorized connections/re-connections, meter tampering 375.00
 Engineering Plan Review 1% Project Cost
 Water Main Taps - 2" or less 125.00