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GITV:  Grand Island Television, the City of Grand Island government owned and operated public educational government stations as provided by the franchise agreement with the local cable company, Charter Communications.

PEG:  Public Educational Governmental

PIO:  Public Information Officer

City:  City of Grand Island

Public Information Division:  includes the PIO and GITV staff

Government Agency:  Any entity or agency that is funded and operated by a  government body for the public interest and use.

Program:  video-taped production

Programming:  The task of scheduling programs in time slots throughout the day, the week, and the month and making decisions regarding the types of programs to be played on the channels.

Community Bulletin Board:  Also referred to as Digital Data 180, includes a system with computer graphics, testing capabilities, and scheduling that creates announcements for community events and services with or without audio to run in scheduled time slots and sequences most often aired on Channel 180 and occasionally 187.

Production:  Programs produced for broadcast that often includes a script, graphics, music, shooting, editing, etc.  A production is the work of a company or agency.  GITV will be original to the City but other outside productions  may be purchased or licensed for use on GITV.

Live Streaming:  Channel 187/digital over-the-air channel 50.1 programming is streamed live at, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.