Building Code Advisory Board

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Building Code Advisory Board

Section 8-6 of the City Code provides for the establishment of a Building Code Advisory Board. The purpose of the Building Code Advisory Board is to consider requests and make a determination concerning the suitability of alternate building materials and methods of construction. The board shall be composed of seven members qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to building construction, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Chief Building Inspector shall be an ex-officio member and will act as secretary of the Board. One City Councilmember shall also act as an ex-officio member. Terms of appointment are for two year terms. Meetings are held as needed.

Position Name Term Start Term Expiration
Estimator Steve Grubbs    08/01/2020
Engineer Mike Spilinek 08/01/2010 08/01/2020
Contractor Jim Partington 08/01/2016  08/01/2020
Architect Marv Webb   08/01/2021
Contractor Todd Enck 07/25/2006  08/01/2021
Architect Brad Kissler 08/01/2009 08/01/2021
Contractor Justin Oseka 07/23/2013 08/01/2021
Chief Building Inspector Craig Lewis   Ex-Officio  
Councilmember Mike Paulick 02/25/2014 12/31/2020