Citizens Advisory Review Committee

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Citizens Advisory Review Committee

Section 38 of the City Code provides for the establishment of the Citizens Advisory Review Committee. At the November 6, 2012 General Election, the voters of Grand Island approved the renewal of the Economic Development Program to encourage growth to our community. Ordinance No. 9455 approved by Council on September 24, 2013 sets out the requirements for this committee.

The purpose of this program is to provide well paying jobs to the citizens of Grand Island, Nebraska, by encouraging and assisting local businesses to expand as regards to job creation and capital investment and to recruit new qualified businesses which results in creation of jobs and expansion of the tax base. 

The Citizens Advisory Review Committee is appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Committee will be comprised of seven members from the community who are registered voters in the City of Grand Island. The program recommends that professionals in the fields of accounting, banking, finance, small business owners, and business professionals be included on the Citizens Advisory Review Committee. The City Administrator or designee will serve as Liaison to the Economic Development Corporation.

The program becomes effective October 1, 2013 for 10 years and will expire on September 30, 2013. Meetings are held quarterly and/or as needed.

Name Term Start Term Expiration
Tom O'Neill 02/11/2014 09/30/2020
Gail Yenny 10/28/2014 09/30/2020
Mike Schuster 10/01/2016 09/30/2020
Jason Morledge 03/26/2019 09/30/2020
Mike Kneale 05/14/2019 09/30/2021
David Koubeck 03/13/2018 09/30/2021
Matthew Armstrong 10/01/2019 09/30/2021
Mike Paulick, Council President 01/01/2020 12/31/2020
Jerry Janulewicz, City Administrator Liaison

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