Occupation Tax Oversight Committee (Food & Beverage)

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 Occupation Tax Oversight Committee (Food & Beverage)

Section 23-80 through 23-86 of the Grand Island City Code provides for the establishment of the Occupation Tax Oversight Committee (Food & Beverage). The purpose of this committee is to review the revenues and expenditures of the city's occupation tax imposed upon persons and entities engaging in the business of providing food services, drinking places, or restaurants. The Committee shall advise the public and city officials with regard to the city's Food and Beverage tax and shall confirm that the Food and Beverage Tax revenues are accounted for in the designated special revenue funds and are being expended on eligible projects.

The committee shall be composed of 5 members. When the committee is first appointed, 1 member shall be appointed for a term of 1 year, 2 members for a term of 2 years, and 2 members for a term of 3 years. Thereafter all terms will be for 4 years. Meetings will be held in March and September or as needed.

Name Term Start Term Expiration
Karl Kostbahn 07/01/2016 06/30/2021
Ron Depue 07/01/2016 06/30/2022
Brad Bauer  07/01/2016 06/30/2022
Kirk Ramsey 07/01/2016 06/30/2023
Tanya Hansen 06/25/2019 06/30/2023

 Packet 09/15/16