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Tree Board

Section 24-18 through 24-22 of the City Code provides for the establishment of the Tree Board. The purpose of the Tree Board is to study, investigate, counsel, and develop and administer a written plan for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal and disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, along streets or in other public areas. The plan will be presented annually to the City Council and upon the Council's acceptance and approval, shall constitute the official comprehensive city tree plan. The Board, when requested by the City Council, shall consider, investigate, make findings, report and recommend upon any special matter or question coming within the scope of its work. The board shall be composed of seven members, citizens and residents of the City who shall be appointed by the Mayor with approval by the City Council. 


Name Term Start Term Expiration
Robert Thomas 10/10/2017 07/31/2021
Bob Loewenstein 08/01/2016 07/31/2021
Darwin Wicht 08/01/2016 07/31/2022
Steve Meyer 08/01/2016 07/31/2022
Leon Van Winkle 08/01/2016 07/31/2022
Bryan Fiala 08/01/2016 07/31/2023
Barry Burrows 08/01/2016  07/31/2023


Information about the Tree Board or the Hall County Champion Tree Program can be found at