Conditional Use Permit

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            The following uses may be granted by the city council as a permitted conditional use in accordance with the Grand Island City Code:

            (A) To permit uses as listed under the permitted conditional uses within the respective zoning districts as specified in this chapter;

            (B) To permit the appropriate use of a lot less in area by not more than ten percent of the area required by this chapter;

            (C) To reduce the applicable off-street parking or loading facilities required by not more than two parking spaces or one loading berth or twenty percent of the required number, whichever is greater;

            (D) To permit the same off-street parking facilities to qualify as required spaces for two or more uses, provided, the substantial use of such spaces by each user does not take place at approximately the same hours of the same days of the week;

            (E) To permit temporary buildings and uses for periods not to exceed two years in undeveloped areas of the City, and for periods not to exceed six (6) months in developed areas;

            (F) To permit the placement and operation of wind turbines, solar energy collectors, or other energy saving devices that would not be in conformance with the space limitations as specified in this chapter.

            (G) To permit the construction and operation of a private wastewater treatment system for any use within the zoning jurisdiction of the City of Grand Island, excepting those small systems consisting of a septic tank and drainfield having a design capacity of less than 2,000 gallons per day. The design capacity shall be based on the table of estimated waste/sewerage flow rates in Chapter 30 of this code.

            (H) To permit the keeping of livestock on residential property with less than a half acre of outdoor enclosure area per animal for periods not to exceed three (3) years in accordance with requirements set out in §5-16 of this code.

            (I) To permit operation of a salvage yard where allowed under the permitted conditional uses within the respective districts; provided, that salvage operations conducted entirely within a building as an accessory use to a permitted principal use of land shall not require compliance with this article.

Conditional Use Permit