*  Message from the Mayor  *

Residents of Grand Island:

People are asking me for locations in the city where coronavirus may be present.  On March 28, 2020, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services determined that we have confirmed cases of community spread of coronavirus in the city.  This means that we must assume that coronavirus is everywhere.  Please take extra precautions using this assumption.   Please keep at least 6 feet of space between you and other people, wash your hands regularly, and do not touch your face. 

Mayor Roger G. Steele


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Landis+Gyr Technology, Inc. Community Redevelopment Authority Myers Construction, Inc.
The following is a list of contracts/agreements for the City of Grand Island approved by the City Council.
Dept. Contractor



Utilities ABB, Inc. 10/23/18 Burdick Station Gas Turbine Control System
Utilities ABB, Inc. 03/13/18 Transmission Circuit Breaker Inspection Services
HR AFSCME Local 251 07/24/18 Labor Agreement - 2018-2022
PW Alfred Benesch & Company 05/22/18 Amendment No. 2 - Sycamore Street Underpass Rehabilitation
Utilities American Pulverizer Company 04/10/18 PGS Coal Crusher Replacement
PW AMP Works 12/04/18 Downtown Snow Removal Services
Police AMP Works 11/20/18 Snow Removal Operation for Law Enforcement Center
PW Andrews Electric Co., Inc. 08/14/18  WAS Tank Blower Replacement; Project No. 2018-WWTP-1
Finance BKD, LLP 06/12/18 Audit Services
PW Black Strap, Inc. 07/10/18  Annual Supply of Road Deicing Chemicals
PW Blessing Construction 02/27/18 13th St Paving Improve. #2018-P-1 & 13th St Street Water Main Improve. #2018-W-5
PW Cartegraph Systems, LLC 04/24/18 Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS)
Legal Central District Health Department 10/09/18 Amended and Restated Interlocal Cooperation Agreement
Library Cheever Construction Co. 06/12/18 Edith Abbott Memorial Library Renovation
Admin Clark, Brent E. 12/04/18 Assistant City Administrator
Admin Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) 08/14/18 Interlocal Agreement - 1/2 Cent Sales Tax
PW Consolidated Concrete 01/23/18 Concrete Ready-Mix for 2018
PW Consolidated Water Solutions 04/24/18 Sludge Dewatering Polymer
PW Diamond Engineering Company 01/23/18 Concrete Pavement & Storm Sewer Repairs 2018
PW Diamond Engineering Company 01/23/18 Sanitary Sewer Extension Project No. 2017-S-3 & Sanitary Sewer Dist. 540T
PW Diamond Engineering Company 05/22/18 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Flow Monitoring/Rehabilitation; Project No. 2018-WWTP-2
PW Diamond Engineering Company 06/26/18 William Street Paving Improvements Project No. 2018-P-7
Utilities ERMCO, Inc. c/o Cahoon Sales, Inc. 01/09/18 Distribution Transformers
IT Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Esri) 04/10/18 Small Enterprise Agreement for Computer Software
Utilities Factory Mutual Insurance 08/28/18 Boiler and Machinery Insurance (Terrorism Insurance Coverage)
PW Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig 02/13/18 Stormwater Management Post Construction BMP Master Plan
HR Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. 06/12/18 Group Plan Benefits
PW Galvan Construction, Inc. 01/23/18 Curb Ramp Project No. 2018-CR-1
PW Galvan Construction, Inc. 04/10/18 Curb Ramp Project No. 2018-CR-2 CDBG
PW Gary Smith Construction Co. 01/23/18 Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2018
PW  Gary Smith Construction Co. 03/13/18 Asphalt Maintenance Project No. 2018-AC-1
Utilities General Electric International, Inc. 02/27/18 Gas Turbine #3 Modified Hot Gas Path Inspection
PW Gerhold Concrete Company, Inc. 01/23/18 Concrete Ready-Mix for 2018
PW GIAMPO 01/23/18 Redesignation Agreement
Com Dev Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporation 11/20/18 Agreement for Housing Study & Analysis of Impediments
Library Grand Island Public Library Foundation, Inc. 06/12/18 Agreement to Participate Financially in the Edith Abbott Memorial Library Renovation Project
Utilities Graybar Electric Co. 01/09/18 Distribution Transformers
PW Guardado, Jr., Rene A. Romero 07/24/18 Real Estate Purchase Agreement
PW Hach Company 06/12/18 Regulatory Reporting & Data Analysis System
PW Hall County 05/08/18 Amendment to Interlocal Agreement - Improvements to Roads & Streets
Police Hall County Airport Authority 12/18/18 Interlocal Agreement - Law Enforcement Personnel Reimbursement Program
PW HDR Engineering, Inc. 11/20/18 Broadwell Avenue & UPRR Grade Separation Study
HR IBEW - Service/Clerical/Finance 08/21/18 Labor Agreement - 2018 to 2021
HR IBEW - Utilities Department 05/08/18 First Addendum to Labor Contract
HR IBEW - Wastewater Treatment Plant 07/24/18 Amendment to Labor Contract
HR IBEW - Wastewater Treatment Plant 07/24/18 Labor Agreement - 2018 to 2022
PW J.I.L. Asphalt Paving Company 01/23/18  Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2018
Utilities J & L Pipeline Services, Inc. 12/23/18 Fuel Oil Pipe and Tank Cleaning
Utilities Meylan Enterprises, Inc. 03/13/18 Precipitator, Bottom Ash & Boiler Industrial Cleaning - Spring 2018 Outage
PW Mid-Country Trading LLC 07/10/18 Transit Services Office Facility
PW Midlands Contracting, Inc. 03/27/18 Lift Station No. 11 Relocation - 2018; Project No. 2018-S-1
Com. Dev. Multicultural Coalition 04/10/18 Sub-Recipient Agreement
PW Myers Construction, Inc. 06/26/18  Emergency Repair - North Interceptor Grade Issue Repair - 2018
PW NE Department of Transportation 05/22/18 Memorandum of Agreement for Transpiration Planning & Programming
PW NE Department of Transportation 06/12/18 Program Agreement Federal Planning Funds GIAMPO
Police Nebraska State Patrol 04/10/18 2018 HIDTA Grant
PW Nebraska Unified Certification Program 04/24/18 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises - Transit Program
Utilities Ohio Lumex Company 10/23/18 Continuous Emissions Mercury Monitoring
PW Olsson Associates 01/23/18 Amendment No. 2 - Sanitary Sewer Extension Project 2017-S-3
PW Olsson Associates 11/06/18 Environmental Monitoring Services for the Grand Island Regional Landfill
PW Olsson, Inc. 11/06/18 Sanitary Sewer Collection System Rehab. Downtown; Project No. 2019-S-1
Utilities Open Systems International, Inc. 12/04/18 E-SCADA Services Contract - Outage Management System
Finance Peregrine Service, Inc. 06/26/18 Bill Printing & Mailing Services
Utilities REOD, LLC 03/13/18 NACE Coating Inspection Services for Elevated Water Storage Tower
PW River Pointe, LLC 05/08/18 Real Estate Purchase Agreement - 2011 No. Sycamore Street
PW SCS Engineers 04/10/18 Transfer Station Operations & Facility Improvement Study
PW Senior Citizen Industries Inc. 07/10/18 Transit Office Space User Agreement
Utilities Sol Systems, LLC 05/22/18 Amended Interconnection Process Agreement (Confidential)
PW Straight-Line Striping, Inc. 03/13/18  Annual Pavement Markings 2017 (2018 Contract Renewal)
Utilities Van Kirk Bros. Contracting 02.13.18 Water Main District 471T
Utilities Van Kirk Bros. Contracting 02/13/18 Water Main Project 2018-W-3
PW Vontz Paving, Inc. 06/12/18 Asphalt Maintenance Project No. 2018-AC-2
Utilities Wesco Distribution, Inc.. 01/09/18 Power & Concentric Neutral Cable
PW Wing Empire, Inc. 03/27/18 Real Estate Purchase Agreement