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The following is a list of contracts/agreements for the City of Grand Island approved by the City Council.

 Dept.  Contractor



PW Alfred Benesch & Company 03/12/19 North Road - Old Potash Hwy to 13th St. Roadway Improvements; Project #2019-P-6
PW Alfred Benesch & Company 10/22/19 North Road - Old Potash Hwy to Hwy 30 Roadway Improvements; Project #2019-P-12
Legal Amur Equipment Finance 08/13/19 LB840 Incentive
PW AT&T 02/26/19 Reimbursement Agreement - North Broadwell Drainage; Project No. 2018-D-1
PW Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Da-Ly Realty 04/09/19 Sale of 3231 West Schimmer Drive
PW Black Strap, Inc. 06/11/19 Annual Supply of Road Deicing Salt 2019-2020
Utilities Black & Veatch Corporation 05/14/19 Burdick Generating Station Demolition Engineering Services
PW Blessing Construction 04/23/19 Crushed Rock for 2019
PW Carlos Guerrero Construction 09/24/19 Concrete Pad Upgrade; Project No. 2019-WWTP-4
PW Carlos Guerrero Construction 08/27/19 Sidewalk District No. 1-2019; 13th Street
Utilities Chief Construction 08/13/19 Brudick Station Maintenance Building
Admin Clark, Brent E. 04/23/19 Resignation, Separation Agreement & General Release
Legal Clean Community System 08/27/19 2019-2020 Funding Agreement
Utilities Cloud Peak Energy 09/10/19 2020-2022 Coal Supply Agreement (Confidential)
PW Consolidated Concrete 02/12/19 Concrete Ready-Mix for 2019
Parks Corners For Wildlife 04/23/19 Heartland Public Shooting Park
Utilities Diamond Engineering Co.  12/17/19  Burdick Generating Station Cooling Water Piping Changes 
PW Diamond Engineering Co. 02/12/19 Concrete Pavement & Storm Sewer Repair 2019
PW Diamond Engineering Co. 04/09/19 Curb Ramp Project No. 2019-CR-1
Utilities Diamond Engineering Co. 03/26/19 Water Main Project 2018-W-8; Riverside Drive and Holcomb Street
Utilities Diamond Engineering Co. 11/12/19 Water Main Project 2020-W-1 - Lincoln Avenue and Delta Street
PW Dobesh Land Leveling, LLC 04/23/19 Crushed Rock for 2019
Admin Dramco Tool Co., Inc. 09/24/19 Economic Development Corp. Incentive
Legal Economic Development Corporation (EDC) 12/17/19 LB-840 Application for Funding
Police Edward Byrne Memorial 09/10/19 Justice Assistance Grant MOU (JAG Grant)
PW Engineering & Research International 01/22/19 2019 Pavement Condition Assessment
PW Environmental Dynamics International, Inc. 06/25/19 Diffuser Replacement; Project No. 2019-WWWTP-3
Legal EPS June, Co. 07/09/19 Guaranty of Promissory Note
Utilities ERMCO, Inc. 01/08/19  Distribution Transformers 
PW Fab Tech Wastewater Solutions, LLC 03/26/19 Final Clarifier No. 3 Renovation; Project No. WWTP-2019-2
Utilities Factory Mutual Insurance 09/10/19 Renewal of Utilities Property Peril, Fire and Terrorism Insurance for 2019-2020
HR Family Resources of Greater Nebraska PC Didn't go to Council Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 2019-2020
Com Dev FAmos Construction, Inc. 10/22/19 Subordination Agreement
PW Felsburg Holt & Ullevig 11/12/19 North Moores Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank
HR Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 24 09/24/19 Labor Agreement 2019-2022
PW Galvan Construction, Inc. 04/09/19 Curb Ramp Project No. 2019-CR-2 CDBG
PW Gary Smith Construction Company, Inc. 02/12/19 Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2019
PW Gary Smith Construction Co., Inc. 02/26/19 Asphalt Maintenance Project No. 2019-AC-1
Utilities GDS Associates, Inc. 09/24/19 Transmission Planning Services
PW Gerhold Concrete Company, Inc. 02/12/19 Concrete Ready-Mix for 2019
Legal GIX Logistics 05/14/19 Economic Development Corporation Incentive
Legal Grand Generation, Inc. 03/12/19 Termination of Lease - Parking Lot
Parks Grand Island Tennis Association 08/27/19 Lease Agreement Addendum #1
Utilities Graybar Electric Co., Inc. 01/08/19 Distribution Transformers
Utilities Great Plains Communications 10/08/19 License Agreement for Power Pole Attachments
Library Hall County 01/22/19 First Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement for Library Services
Fire Hall County 04/23/19 Interlocal Agreement - Ambulance Service
Library Hall County 10/22/19 Interlocal Agreement - Library Services
PW Hall County 04/09/19 Interlocal Agreement - Public Transportation Services
PW Harders Dozer & Scraper Work 09/10/19 Drainage Ditch Grading, Excavating, and Hauling - 2019/2020
Utilities Hayden Wrecking Corporation 04/23/19 Burdick Generating Station Cooling Tower Demolition
Utilities Heartland Optical 11/12/19  Safety Glasses 2020 - 2022
Com. Dev. Hope Harbor 09/10/19 CDBG Project 2018-6 Sub-Recipient Agreement
Com. Dev. Housing Development Corporation 10/22/19 Sub Recipient Contract for CDBG Funding
Utilities HydroChemPSC 02/12/19 Boiler Chemical Cleaning
HR International Association of Firefighters  Local 647 (IAFF) 08/27/19 Labor Agreement
Parks Island Indoor Climate 01/22/19 Pool Heaters at Island Oasis Water Park
PW Iteris, Inc. 01/22/19 2019 Signal Timing Project
PW JEO Consulting Group 03/12/19 North Road Paving Improvements - 13th Street 50 Highway 2; Project No. 2019-P-5
Parks JEO Consulting Group 11/12/19 Pickleball Court Design/Construction at Veteran's Sports Complex
PW JEO Consulting Group 11/12/19 Stormwater Geospatial Data Collection
PW J.I.L. Asphalt Paving Co. 02/12/19 Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2019
Utilities Leetch Tree Service, LLC 10/22/19 Tree Trimming Contract 2020-TT-1
Legal Menard, Inc. 05/14/19 Development Agreement
Legal Menard, Inc. 05/14/19 Limited License Agreement
Legal Menard, Inc. 05/14/19 Purchase and Sale Agreement
Utilities Meylan Enterprises, Inc. 07/09/19 Precipitator, Bottom Ash & Boiler Industrial Cleaning - Fall 2019 Outage
Utilities Meylan Enterprises, Inc. 01/22/19 Precipitator, Bottom Ash & Boiler Industrial Cleaning - Spring 2019 Outage
IT Microsoft 06/25/19 Licensing Agreement
Utilities Mid Plains Construction Co. 03/26/19 Phelps Control HVAC Replacement
Utilities Mistras Group, Inc. 07/09/19 Coal Silo Inspection & NDE Services at PGS
PW Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC 04/23/19 Downtown Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation-2019; Project No. 2019-S-1
PW NE Department of Transportation 05/28/19 GIAMPO 2020 Transportation Planning Program
PW NE Department of Transportation 12/17/29 Maintenance Agreement No. 12 for 2020
PW Nebraska Salt & Grain Company 06/11/19 Annual Supply of Road Deicing Salt - 2019-2020
Fire Nebraska State Fair 08/13/19 Emergency Medical Service Agreement
Parks Nebraska State Patrol 08/27/19 Storage at Former CAAP - Lease Agreement
Fire NEMA - Nebraska Emergency Management Agency 03/12/19 Hazardous Materials Response Services
PW Olsson, Inc. 11/12/19 Custer Avenue - Forest Street to Old Potash Highway; Project 2019-P-13
PW Olsson, Inc. 11/12/19 Eddy Street Underpass Rehabilitation; Project No. 2019-U-1
PW Olsson, Inc. 10/22/19 Sanitary Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Alternative Analysis
PW Olsson, Inc. 04/09/19 Traffic Engineering Services - Traffic Study Various Locations
IT One Safe Place 08/13/19 SIRIS4 Enterprise Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
PW Ovivo USA, LLC 02/12/19 EIMCO Type C3D-Full Trough Skimmer Clarifier Mechanism; Project No. WWTP-2019-1
PW Ovivo USA, LLC 11/26/19  EIMCO Type C3D-Full Trough Skimmer Clarifier Mechanism; Project No. WWTP-2019-5
PW Pinnacle Bank 11/12/19 Parking Lease Agreement
PW Pollock, Eric & Kenda 11/26/19 Real Estate Purchase Agreement (1.01 Acres)
PW Pollock, Eric & Kenda 11/26/19 Real Estate Purchase Agreement (2.33 Acres)
Admin Premium Plant Services, Inc . 11/26/19 EDC LB840 Economic Development Agreement
Utilities Rasmussen Mechanical Service 02/12/19 Boiler Chemical Clean Piping - Spring 2019
Parks Rathjen & Son d/b/a The Snow 01/22/19 Concession Stand Operations at the Veterans Athletic Field Complex East Fields
Com Dev Salvation Army 12/17/19 Subrecipient Contract for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding
PW Senior Citizens Industries, Inc. 06/25/19 Transit Provider Agreement
PW Senior Citizens Industries, Inc. 06/25/19 Transit Office Space User Agreement
Utilities Southwest Electric Company 05/28/19 Substation Transformer Testing & Transport Services
PW Starostka Group Unlimited, Inc. 02/26/19 North Broadwell Drainage; Project No. 2018-D-1
PW Starostka Group Unlimited, Inc. 02/12/19 Sugar Beet Ditch Drainage; Project No. 2019-D-1
PW Straight-Line Striping, Inc. 03/12/19 Annual Pavement Markings 2018 Contract Renewal
PW Starostka Group Unlimited, Inc. 06/11/19 Sanitary Sewer District No. 543; Willow Street
PW State of Nebraska, Department of Transportation 07/09/19 GIAMPO Unified Planning Work Program
PW State of Nebraska, Department of Transportation 05/28/19 Nebraska Public Transportation Assistance Program
PW  S & V Investments, LLC 10/22/19 Real Estate Purchase Agreement; 215-221 East 3rd Street
PW Topkote, Inc. 05/14/19 Chip Seal Project No. 2019-CS-1
Police Trane USA, Inc. 05/14/19 HVAC Controls & Communication Update - Law Enforcement Center
Finance Tyler Technologies 07/23/19 ExecuTime Software & Hardware - Time Clocks
Finance Tyler Technologies 02/12/19 Munis Cash Management Module
HR UMR 08/13/19 Health Insurance Administration Services Agreement
Utilities Union Pacific Railroad 11/12/19 Coal Transportation Contact (Confidential)
Utilities Union Pacific Railroad 02/26/19 Wireline Crossing Agreement for Fiber
Utilities Van Kirk Bros. Contracting 03/12/19 Water Main Project 2018-W-10
Emg. Mgt. Various Cities & Counties 02/26/19 Interlocal Agreement - East Central Region 911 Emergency Communication Equipment Sharing
Utilities Watts Electric Company 03/26/19 Transmission Line Work OPGW Upgrade
Utilities Wesco Distribution, Inc. 10/22/19 Electrical Circuit Breakers
Utilities Wesco Distribution, Inc. 01/08/19 Power & Concentric Neutral Cable
Legal Zabuni Specialty Coffee Auction, LLC 06/11/19 Economic Development Corporation Incentive