*  Message from the Mayor  *

Residents of Grand Island:

People are asking me for locations in the city where coronavirus may be present.  On March 28, 2020, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services determined that we have confirmed cases of community spread of coronavirus in the city.  This means that we must assume that coronavirus is everywhere.  Please take extra precautions using this assumption.   Please keep at least 6 feet of space between you and other people, wash your hands regularly, and do not touch your face. 

Mayor Roger G. Steele


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The following is a list of contracts/agreements for the City of Grand Island approved by the City Council.

 Dept.  Contractor



PW Alfred Benesch & Company 03/12/19 North Road - Old Potash Hwy to 13th St. Roadway Improvements; Project #2019-P-6
PW Alfred Benesch & Company 10/22/19 North Road - Old Potash Hwy to Hwy 30 Roadway Improvements; Project #2019-P-12
Legal Amur Equipment Finance 08/13/19 LB840 Incentive
PW AT&T 02/26/19 Reimbursement Agreement - North Broadwell Drainage; Project No. 2018-D-1
PW Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Da-Ly Realty 04/09/19 Sale of 3231 West Schimmer Drive
PW Black Strap, Inc. 06/11/19 Annual Supply of Road Deicing Salt 2019-2020
Utilities Black & Veatch Corporation 05/14/19 Burdick Generating Station Demolition Engineering Services
PW Blessing Construction 04/23/19 Crushed Rock for 2019
PW Carlos Guerrero Construction 09/24/19 Concrete Pad Upgrade; Project No. 2019-WWTP-4
PW Carlos Guerrero Construction 08/27/19 Sidewalk District No. 1-2019; 13th Street
Utilities Chief Construction 08/13/19 Brudick Station Maintenance Building
Admin Clark, Brent E. 04/23/19 Resignation, Separation Agreement & General Release
Legal Clean Community System 08/27/19 2019-2020 Funding Agreement
Utilities Cloud Peak Energy 09/10/19 2020-2022 Coal Supply Agreement (Confidential)
PW Consolidated Concrete 02/12/19 Concrete Ready-Mix for 2019
Parks Corners For Wildlife 04/23/19 Heartland Public Shooting Park
Utilities Diamond Engineering Co.  12/17/19  Burdick Generating Station Cooling Water Piping Changes 
PW Diamond Engineering Co. 02/12/19 Concrete Pavement & Storm Sewer Repair 2019
PW Diamond Engineering Co. 04/09/19 Curb Ramp Project No. 2019-CR-1
Utilities Diamond Engineering Co. 03/26/19 Water Main Project 2018-W-8; Riverside Drive and Holcomb Street
Utilities Diamond Engineering Co. 11/12/19 Water Main Project 2020-W-1 - Lincoln Avenue and Delta Street
PW Dobesh Land Leveling, LLC 04/23/19 Crushed Rock for 2019
Admin Dramco Tool Co., Inc. 09/24/19 Economic Development Corp. Incentive
Legal Economic Development Corporation (EDC) 12/17/19 LB-840 Application for Funding
Police Edward Byrne Memorial 09/10/19 Justice Assistance Grant MOU (JAG Grant)
PW Engineering & Research International 01/22/19 2019 Pavement Condition Assessment
PW Environmental Dynamics International, Inc. 06/25/19 Diffuser Replacement; Project No. 2019-WWWTP-3
Legal EPS June, Co. 07/09/19 Guaranty of Promissory Note
Utilities ERMCO, Inc. 01/08/19  Distribution Transformers 
PW Fab Tech Wastewater Solutions, LLC 03/26/19 Final Clarifier No. 3 Renovation; Project No. WWTP-2019-2
Utilities Factory Mutual Insurance 09/10/19 Renewal of Utilities Property Peril, Fire and Terrorism Insurance for 2019-2020
HR Family Resources of Greater Nebraska PC Didn't go to Council Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 2019-2020
Com Dev FAmos Construction, Inc. 10/22/19 Subordination Agreement
PW Felsburg Holt & Ullevig 11/12/19 North Moores Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank
HR Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 24 09/24/19 Labor Agreement 2019-2022
PW Galvan Construction, Inc. 04/09/19 Curb Ramp Project No. 2019-CR-2 CDBG
PW Gary Smith Construction Company, Inc. 02/12/19 Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2019
PW Gary Smith Construction Co., Inc. 02/26/19 Asphalt Maintenance Project No. 2019-AC-1
Utilities GDS Associates, Inc. 09/24/19 Transmission Planning Services
PW Gerhold Concrete Company, Inc. 02/12/19 Concrete Ready-Mix for 2019
Legal GIX Logistics 05/14/19 Economic Development Corporation Incentive
Legal Grand Generation, Inc. 03/12/19 Termination of Lease - Parking Lot
Parks Grand Island Tennis Association 08/27/19 Lease Agreement Addendum #1
Utilities Graybar Electric Co., Inc. 01/08/19 Distribution Transformers
Utilities Great Plains Communications 10/08/19 License Agreement for Power Pole Attachments
Library Hall County 01/22/19 First Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement for Library Services
Fire Hall County 04/23/19 Interlocal Agreement - Ambulance Service
Library Hall County 10/22/19 Interlocal Agreement - Library Services
PW Hall County 04/09/19 Interlocal Agreement - Public Transportation Services
PW Harders Dozer & Scraper Work 09/10/19 Drainage Ditch Grading, Excavating, and Hauling - 2019/2020
Utilities Hayden Wrecking Corporation 04/23/19 Burdick Generating Station Cooling Tower Demolition
Utilities Heartland Optical 11/12/19  Safety Glasses 2020 - 2022
Com. Dev. Hope Harbor 09/10/19 CDBG Project 2018-6 Sub-Recipient Agreement
Com. Dev. Housing Development Corporation 10/22/19 Sub Recipient Contract for CDBG Funding
Utilities HydroChemPSC 02/12/19 Boiler Chemical Cleaning
HR International Association of Firefighters  Local 647 (IAFF) 08/27/19 Labor Agreement
Parks Island Indoor Climate 01/22/19 Pool Heaters at Island Oasis Water Park
PW Iteris, Inc. 01/22/19 2019 Signal Timing Project
PW JEO Consulting Group 03/12/19 North Road Paving Improvements - 13th Street 50 Highway 2; Project No. 2019-P-5
Parks JEO Consulting Group 11/12/19 Pickleball Court Design/Construction at Veteran's Sports Complex
PW JEO Consulting Group 11/12/19 Stormwater Geospatial Data Collection
PW J.I.L. Asphalt Paving Co. 02/12/19 Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2019
Utilities Leetch Tree Service, LLC 10/22/19 Tree Trimming Contract 2020-TT-1
Legal Menard, Inc. 05/14/19 Development Agreement
Legal Menard, Inc. 05/14/19 Limited License Agreement
Legal Menard, Inc. 05/14/19 Purchase and Sale Agreement
Utilities Meylan Enterprises, Inc. 07/09/19 Precipitator, Bottom Ash & Boiler Industrial Cleaning - Fall 2019 Outage
Utilities Meylan Enterprises, Inc. 01/22/19 Precipitator, Bottom Ash & Boiler Industrial Cleaning - Spring 2019 Outage
IT Microsoft 06/25/19 Licensing Agreement
Utilities Mid Plains Construction Co. 03/26/19 Phelps Control HVAC Replacement
Utilities Mistras Group, Inc. 07/09/19 Coal Silo Inspection & NDE Services at PGS
PW Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC 04/23/19 Downtown Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation-2019; Project No. 2019-S-1
PW NE Department of Transportation 05/28/19 GIAMPO 2020 Transportation Planning Program
PW NE Department of Transportation 12/17/29 Maintenance Agreement No. 12 for 2020
PW Nebraska Salt & Grain Company 06/11/19 Annual Supply of Road Deicing Salt - 2019-2020
Fire Nebraska State Fair 08/13/19 Emergency Medical Service Agreement
Parks Nebraska State Patrol 08/27/19 Storage at Former CAAP - Lease Agreement
Fire NEMA - Nebraska Emergency Management Agency 03/12/19 Hazardous Materials Response Services
PW Olsson, Inc. 11/12/19 Custer Avenue - Forest Street to Old Potash Highway; Project 2019-P-13
PW Olsson, Inc. 11/12/19 Eddy Street Underpass Rehabilitation; Project No. 2019-U-1
PW Olsson, Inc. 10/22/19 Sanitary Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Alternative Analysis
PW Olsson, Inc. 04/09/19 Traffic Engineering Services - Traffic Study Various Locations
IT One Safe Place 08/13/19 SIRIS4 Enterprise Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
PW Ovivo USA, LLC 02/12/19 EIMCO Type C3D-Full Trough Skimmer Clarifier Mechanism; Project No. WWTP-2019-1
PW Ovivo USA, LLC 11/26/19  EIMCO Type C3D-Full Trough Skimmer Clarifier Mechanism; Project No. WWTP-2019-5
PW Pinnacle Bank 11/12/19 Parking Lease Agreement
PW Pollock, Eric & Kenda 11/26/19 Real Estate Purchase Agreement (1.01 Acres)
PW Pollock, Eric & Kenda 11/26/19 Real Estate Purchase Agreement (2.33 Acres)
Admin Premium Plant Services, Inc . 11/26/19 EDC LB840 Economic Development Agreement
Utilities Rasmussen Mechanical Service 02/12/19 Boiler Chemical Clean Piping - Spring 2019
Parks Rathjen & Son d/b/a The Snow 01/22/19 Concession Stand Operations at the Veterans Athletic Field Complex East Fields
Com Dev Salvation Army 12/17/19 Subrecipient Contract for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding
PW Senior Citizens Industries, Inc. 06/25/19 Transit Provider Agreement
PW Senior Citizens Industries, Inc. 06/25/19 Transit Office Space User Agreement
Utilities Southwest Electric Company 05/28/19 Substation Transformer Testing & Transport Services
PW Starostka Group Unlimited, Inc. 02/26/19 North Broadwell Drainage; Project No. 2018-D-1
PW Starostka Group Unlimited, Inc. 02/12/19 Sugar Beet Ditch Drainage; Project No. 2019-D-1
PW Straight-Line Striping, Inc. 03/12/19 Annual Pavement Markings 2018 Contract Renewal
PW Starostka Group Unlimited, Inc. 06/11/19 Sanitary Sewer District No. 543; Willow Street
PW State of Nebraska, Department of Transportation 07/09/19 GIAMPO Unified Planning Work Program
PW State of Nebraska, Department of Transportation 05/28/19 Nebraska Public Transportation Assistance Program
PW  S & V Investments, LLC 10/22/19 Real Estate Purchase Agreement; 215-221 East 3rd Street
PW Topkote, Inc. 05/14/19 Chip Seal Project No. 2019-CS-1
Police Trane USA, Inc. 05/14/19 HVAC Controls & Communication Update - Law Enforcement Center
Finance Tyler Technologies 07/23/19 ExecuTime Software & Hardware - Time Clocks
Finance Tyler Technologies 02/12/19 Munis Cash Management Module
HR UMR 08/13/19 Health Insurance Administration Services Agreement
Utilities Union Pacific Railroad 11/12/19 Coal Transportation Contact (Confidential)
Utilities Union Pacific Railroad 02/26/19 Wireline Crossing Agreement for Fiber
Utilities Van Kirk Bros. Contracting 03/12/19 Water Main Project 2018-W-10
Emg. Mgt. Various Cities & Counties 02/26/19 Interlocal Agreement - East Central Region 911 Emergency Communication Equipment Sharing
Utilities Watts Electric Company 03/26/19 Transmission Line Work OPGW Upgrade
Utilities Wesco Distribution, Inc. 10/22/19 Electrical Circuit Breakers
Utilities Wesco Distribution, Inc. 01/08/19 Power & Concentric Neutral Cable
Legal Zabuni Specialty Coffee Auction, LLC 06/11/19 Economic Development Corporation Incentive