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The following is a list of contracts/agreements for the City of Grand Island approved by the City Council.

 Dept.  Contractor



PW  Alfred Benesh & Company  03/24/20  Sanitary Sewer District No. 544 
Parks Aqua-Chem, Inc. 03/10/20 Interior Rehab of Neptune Benson Filters at Island Oasis Water Park
PW  Blessing Construction  01/28/20  Crushed Rock for 2020 
Utilities Border States Industries, Inc. 01/14/20 Distribution Transformers
Finance Bureau of Justice Assistance 06/23/20 Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program
HR Celebrity Staff 01/14/20 Recruiting for City Attorney 
PW  Consolidated Concrete  01/28/20 Concrete Ready-Mix 2020 
Utilities Consolidated Water Solutions 01/28/20 Burdick Generating Station Water Treatment Demineralizer System
PW County Line Striping, LLC 03/10/20 On-Street Parking Restriping 2020
 Legal Dept. of Administrative Services  01/28/20  MOA Veterans Home Cemetery 
PW Diamond Engineering Company 03/10/20 Concrete Pavement & Storm Sewer Repair 2020
PW Diamond Engineering Company 03/10/20 North Road Paving Improve. Proj. 2019-P-5 (Phase I) & 2019-S-8 North Road Northview Crossing & Water Main Proj. 2020-W-7
PW Dobesh Land Leveling, LLC  01/28/20  Crushed Rock for 2020 
Utilities ERMCO, Inc. 01/14/20 Distribution Transformers
PW Fab Tech Wastewater Solutions, LLC 04/14/20 Final Clarifier No. 2 Renovation; Project No. 2020-WWTP-2
PW  Galvan Construction, Inc.  03/24/20  Curb Ramp Project No. 2020-CR-1 
PW  Gary Smith Construction Company, Inc.  01/28/20  Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2020 
PW Gary Smith Construction Co., Inc. 03/24/20 Asphalt Maintenance Project No. 2020-AC-1
Emg Mgt GeoComm, Inc. 06/09/20 Address Point Layer Updates for Next Gen E911
PW  Gerhold Concrete Company, Inc.  01/28/20  Concrete Ready-Mix for 2020 
Parks  GMP Fertilizing & Lawncare, LLC  03/24/20  Veteran's Home Cemetery Maintenance 
PW Hall County 03/24/20 Interlocal Agreement - Improvements to Schimmer Drive, Blaine Street & Shady Bend Road
PW HDR Engineering, Inc. 05/12/20 Amendment to Agreement - Central NE Regional Airport Sanitary Sewer Collection System Rehabilitation
Utilities HDR Engineering, Inc. 06/23/20 Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) Groundwater Services Task 14
Utities HM Cragg 05/12/20 PGS 125VDC Battery System Replacement
PW Hooker Brothers Sand & Gravel  01/28/20  Road Gravel for 2020 
PW JCI Industries, Inc. 05/12/20 Diffuser Replacement; Project No. 2020-WWTP-3
PW  J.I.L. Asphalt Company  01/28/20  Asphalt Hot-Mix for 2020 
Utilities  Locke AMI, LLC.  01/28/20  Boiler Inspection and Repair-Spring 2020 
PW  Manning, Sharon J.  02/25/20  Agreement for Temporary Construction Occupancy 
PW  Manning, Sharon J.  02/25/20  Real Estate Purchase Agreement 
Utilities  Meylan Enterprises, Inc.  01/28/20  Bottom Ash & Boiler Industrial Cleaning - Spring 2020 Outage 
PW Mid Nebraska Land Developers, LLC 05/26/20 Moores Creek Drain Extension-North Road to Engleman Road; Project No. 2020-D-1
Utilities Myers Construction, Inc. 02/25/20 Water Main Projects 2020-W-2 and 2020-W-3
Parks  Nebraska Golf & Turf  02/11/20  Lease of Golf Carts 
PW Nebraska Salt & Grain Co. 06/09/20 Annual Supply of Road Deicing Sale 2020-2021
PW  Olsson, Inc.  02/11/20  Capital Avenue - North Road to Moores Creek 
Utilities RMB Consulting & Research, Inc. 04/14/20 Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule - Engineering Services
Utilities  R & P Industrial Chimney Co., Inc.  01/28/20  Chimney Repairs 2020 
PW Sampson Construction Co., Inc. 04/14/20 Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory, Operations Control Center, and Administrative Building Renovation; Project No. 2017-WWTP-2
PW SCS Engineers 03/10/20 Consulting Services for the Re-Permitting of Solid Waste Landfill
PW  Senior Citizens Industries, Inc. 05/12/20 Public Transit Vehicle User Agreement
PW  Southwest Gravel Products, LLC.  01/28/20  Crushed Rock for 2020 
Utilities SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc. 01/14/20 Substation Transformer
PW Starostka Group Unlimited, Inc. 05/26/20 Old Potash Highway Roadway Improvements; Project No. 2019-P-1
Utilities Starostka Group Unlimited 03/24/20 Water Main Project 2020-W-5, Pleasant View Drive
PW Straight-Line Striping, Inc. 03/10/20 Annual Pavement Markings 2020
Com Dev The Literacy Council 03/10/20 Sub-Recipient Contract for CDBG Funding
Com Dev The Literacy Council 04/28/20 Sub-Recipient Contract for CDBG Funding Entitlement Funds
PW  Topkote Inc.  03/24/20  Chip Seal Project No. 2020-CS-1 
Utilities  Transfluid Services Inc.  02/25/20  Substation Transformer Maintenance Package