Agenda Format

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Council Agenda

The order of business at Council meeting follows the outline of the agenda:

    • Persons wishing to address the mayor and City Council regarding any agenda item must come forward and reserve time to speak on that item.
    • A public hearing is a formal process intended to solicit public comment. A public hearing is structured in part, to meet legal requirements. After a brief presentation on the item, any public comment will be heard.
    • An Ordinance is the most formal type of Council action and may be repealed or changed only by another Ordinance. Ordinances represent the laws of the City. General policy of the Grand Island City Council is to suspend the statutory rules requiring ordinances to be read by title on three different days. Eight votes are required to suspend the rules. Ordinances are considered for passage on the same day upon reading by number only, and then placed on the final passage, and calls for a roll call vote on both readings. The Ordinance must be approved by a majority of the Council on both its first and final reading in order to be adopted. Ordinances become law 15 days after publication, unless otherwise stated in the Ordinance.

How can residents participate ?

Citizen participation in Council meetings is invited and encouraged by the City Council. The public is welcome at all Council meetings. Citizens can speak regarding an agenda item after that item has been presented. To assure fair consideration of each item and to allow all viewpoints to be presented, the following general rules will be followed: 

  • Each person wishing to address the Council should reserve time to speak during the section of the meeting entitled "Reserve Time to Speak on Agenda Items". At the appropriate time, the Mayor will call on those citizens who have reserved time to speak. 
  • Each person wishing to address the Council should approach the
    microphone at the lectern and state their name and address. 
  • Comments or inquires should be presented to the Mayor and City Council.

If you have any questions about Council procedures or would like more information about how Council works please contact the City Clerk.

Election Information

The ten members of Council are elected by Grand Island residents. Each Council person represents every resident throughout Grand Island.

Election Information FAQ

What offices are elected in Grand Island?

The Mayor and ten City Council Members are the elected officials of the City of Grand Island. The Mayor is elected at-large and the City Council Members are elected from each of five wards. Each Council Member from each Ward is elected for a 4 year term alternately.

How often are the elections?

Elections are held every two years, with each Council Member up for election every four years. The primary election is held the first Tuesday after the second Monday in May and the General Election is held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November of each even numbered year.

What are the requirements to run for office?

The candidate must reside in the City Ward of the office sought, be a registered voter and a citizen of the United States. No candidate is allowed to hold any other public elective office, and cannot be an officer, employee, or service in any capacity with the City government (except a City Council Member running for the office of Mayor).

Is there a charge to run for office?

Yes. The City of Grand Island charges 1% of the yearly salary received for that office. Thus, the filing fee to run for Mayor is $160.00 and $72.00 for City Council.

Are parties of candidates mentioned in elections?

All City elections are conducted on a nonpartisan basis; that is, references to party affiliation are not permitted on any campaign literature and do not appear on the ballot.